Norah Caroline at 5 months

Thursday, January 9, 2014
As with every post like this. What? Seriously? Just a mere few weeks away from 1/2 of a year? It feels like my forever baby is sailing through these baby months faster than the other two did. Crazy.

At 5 months Norah is

-using her voice more. Cooing, babbling, and making what can best be described as baby dinosaur noises that make us all laugh.
-Rolls all over from tummy and back.
-Lifts herself up super high on her tummy (see photos).
-grabs at and holds onto toys
-exploring what her hands can do as she intently watched them when she grabs a toy, a finger, or at her face/ears/toes, etc.
-smiles all the time
-has her first two bottom teeth
-naps in the swing (my goal for this month is to get her upstairs in her crib)
-still swaddled at night. not really busting out of it yet like we thought she'd be
-4-5 bottles a day
-started rice cereal right before Christmas and yesterday had her first taste of sweet potatoes
-likes to be on the floor and in the exersaucer.
-enjoys sitting with us at dinner now
-still a perfect shopper. Auntie Liz and I did the outlet mall last weekend and not a peep was heard out of her the entire time.
-adored by big brother and big sister. One of Henry's current favorite things to say is "Norah is our best baby ever! She's so cute!"

frisco_newborn_photographer_463 frisco_newborn_photographer_462 frisco_newborn_photographer_461 frisco_newborn_photographer_460 frisco_newborn_photographer_459

My favorite! 


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