The forever baby is half a year.

Friday, February 7, 2014
Insert tears.

Yada, yada, yada. Same whines, different month. Only this time it's our last baby. our LAST. she creeping on that downhill slope to 1 year old. she's officially been half a year for almost a week. i want her to have her giant rolls of legs, chubby cheeks and gummy two toothed smile forever, but I know I can't. that's why i've been trying to soak up every single second of this stage, the beginning of my favorite baby stage (which ends around 18 months when they figure out they can do this like say no and stuff). and it'll be gone all.too.soon.

tears, i tell ya.

At 6 months, this little lady is on a pretty rocking schedule. for the most part. henry's therapy days kind of throw a wrench in it.

All three kids go down at the same time. The same time. It's pretty amazing. This happens anywhere from 7:30pm to 8:00pm. Time depends on who's having a meltdown. Typically, that's Henry. poor buddy. the life of a 4 year old is rough some times. i won't lie. sometimes mommy and daddy are on the verge of a meltdown and that also causes bedtime to be earlier. please don't pretend like it's not the same at your house ;)

She sleeps all night. sometimes waking up to fuss for a few minutes because she always seems to scoot herself to the corner of the crib and hit her head a few times. if only bumpers weren't dangerous. we have a breathable bumper somewhere that will help prevent her legs and arms getting all sorts of stuck, but we somehow misplaced it from when claire stopped using the crib.

generally she wakes on her own around 7, or we go get her at 7.

She has her bottles at 7, 11:30, 3:30 and 7:00/30 generally.

She's napping in her crib! This was as smooth as a transition as I could have ever dreamed. We are ready to sell the giant swing, hip hip hooray! I won't lie. Not every single nap is stellar. But she's giving me quite a few 2 hour gems, and seems to like sleeping longer in the morning than in the afternoon. I'll take what I can get.

Along with the transition to napping in her crib, we also officially retired the swaddle. Thanks Uncle Adam and Auntie Liz for the most used baby gift ever (aside from the actual crib). It helped us get lots and lots of sleep over these past 4 years/3 babies. since ditching the swaddle, she's put down awake now (and obviously for her naps too) and hasn't had any issues with it. i don't know how we got so lucky with these 3!

She's gone through all the first stage gerber foods and is ready to move on to the mixed variety second stage ones. I think we'll give puffs and/or cheerios a go this weekend too. (please don't judge me for not making my own baby food!)

She LOVES being on the floor. Rolling and rolling and rolling.

oh yeah. and ARMY CRAWLING. this officially started about 4 days ago. so not ready for even more mobility. I'm seriously considering getting one of those gate things you set up to keep a baby contained.

smiles all the time. is just the best baby ever. you can take her anywhere, for any length of time. as long as she's fed on schedule and doesn't have poop in her diaper, she's golden.

still making cute baby dinosaur noises and has the best baby laugh ever.

LOVES to stare at our faces and touch us. really exploring everything with her hands (and mouth, of course!) these days.

also really likes singing. she'll literally start laughing when i sing to her. not sure if that's a good or bad thing, lol.

oh, we just love her.

Texas has reminded me of Minnesota lately. I took these as I was planning all along to do this for the comparison shots. I still want to get her outside for some more official 6 months with the hopes that she'll sit better for me too. I also plan on recreating this one that was taken when Claire was around 6 months.


i put these two up on pinterest forever ago. between the two of them, they have garnered approximately 3,000 repins. 3,000, people. clearly, this was an epic picture that must be recreated!
  frisco_newborn_photographer_485frisco_newborn_photographer_484 frisco_newborn_photographer_483 frisco_newborn_photographer_482frisco_newborn_photographer_481

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