Baby Norah at 9 months!

Friday, May 2, 2014
I TOTALLY dropped the ball on this little lady the past two months. The 7th and 8th month updates were missed, and the photos not taken any where near on time. Making up for it now sweet girl!

At 9 months Norah is::

-waving hi/bye (mostly just hi, and it JUST started)
-still content on army crawling, but we've seen a few glimmers of getting on her knees.
-pulling herself up to her knees in her crib and favorite floor toy
-starting to HATE being contained. this girl wants to move!
-4 bottles/day
-2 naps/day
-loving real food: cheerios, bananas, avocado, strawberries, turkey, french fries, bread, yogurt, basically anything that can be chopped super small and/or mashable
-LOVES being around big brother and sister. Henry makes her laugh the best
-favorite things include everything she shouldn't have. henry toys, little pieces of grass/woodchips the dogs bring in and the stupid little white part to the door stoppers.
-happy, happy baby (except when mommy's in a dressing room. then she screams. almost every time. true story).
-still has a blocked tear duct in her right eye. it is usually pretty gross looking. and she hates getting it wiped. will reassess at her next dr. visit
-probably a good 20+ pounds.
-8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom)
-lots of shrieking and grunting. no dada or mama yet.
-diaper change and clothing changes are almost a two person job lately. she's got things to do!
-gets excited when we facetime people
-loves cuddles
-loves sleep
-we love her.

As every month passes, I slowly sort of understand how the "babies" of families get "babied". i don't want to let this stage go.


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