Henry's Five Year Session

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
So if you follow me on facebook, you saw that Henry and I had a little sunrise date on Sunday morning.

With business being crazy busy and trying to fit everything in before their big party day this weekend, doing Henry's session at sunrise was a must. Friday and Saturday night's were cloudy and I pretty much refuse to shoot in anything but gorgeous sunlight now.

I prepped him the night before that he was going to get up early (the kid LOVES getting up "early"), and that after we finished we'd have a donut date. It was a win for both of us, lol!

He hammed it up at the 4 year session and is always wanting to "pose" for me lately, so I knew he'd do awesome.

And he did.

I think the very first one I posted on fb will be his new canvas on our big gallery wall, but I love them all!

Hard to believe this handsome little guy is five. We've overcome so much in the past year and a half and he's now just one month shy of kindergarten. 5 years ago when I gave birth to a summer baby, I knew I wanted to send him as a "young" kindergartner and that hasn't changed. He is so ready both academically and socially (finally!). He's reading/spelling, counts to 200, etc etc. I can't wait to see how he blossoms this coming school year. He is intuitive, thoughtful, and loving to each and every one of his family members. Though him and Claire may argue and fight, the other half of the time they are the best little buddies and ask for each other when they are sad. He's stubborn at times, and really, really relentless a lot of the time. We are currently working on only needing to ask/request something once and to give mommy and daddy time to respond. He loves his "snuggles", his "buddies", Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, playdough, coloring, swimming, the ipad, frozen yogurt, hot dogs & fruit snacks. He is simply the best. Mommy and daddy love you. Happy 5th birthday Henry. (on Monday ;) ) frisco_newborn_photographer_726 frisco_newborn_photographer_727 frisco_newborn_photographer_728 frisco_newborn_photographer_729 frisco_newborn_photographer_730 frisco_newborn_photographer_731 frisco_newborn_photographer_732 frisco_newborn_photographer_733 frisco_newborn_photographer_734 frisco_newborn_photographer_735 frisco_newborn_photographer_736 frisco_newborn_photographer_737 frisco_newborn_photographer_738 frisco_newborn_photographer_739 frisco_newborn_photographer_740 frisco_newborn_photographer_741 frisco_newborn_photographer_742 frisco_newborn_photographer_743 frisco_newborn_photographer_744 frisco_newborn_photographer_745 frisco_newborn_photographer_746 frisco_newborn_photographer_747 frisco_newborn_photographer_748 And then when we were done, he wanted to take a picture of me. The camera suddenly gets a lot heavier when you hand it off to 4 year old hands. But he wanted to try. I adjusted the settings (and cringed a little since I RARELY shoot above 2.8 unless necessary), but I wanted him to have a chance to get it in focus. And he did. This will probably be my profile picture for a long time. I love it so much and him. frisco_newborn_photographer_749

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