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Friday, August 1, 2014
After a spurt of updating here quite a bit, it's been a little quiet and life has been anything but quiet.

I wish I could say I have tons of pictures to share, but aside from working my tail off to finish Henry and Norah's pictures (because, really, Claire's 1 year pictures/birthday pictures weren't finished until the year 2013), I don't have Colorado vacation pictures or birthday party pictures to show you yet.

So this is mostly going to be a text update for those who care about our happenings.

Tomorrow Norah turns one. Her first year went by faster than any other first year around here, it seems. It's harder on me. I know there won't be any more babies to follow her. Our "baby" time is basically over. She's a standing up, giggling, baby signing toddler now. I'm still good with our decision (and the shop IS officially closed up for those who keep suggesting to have one more), but it doesn't mean it's easy to close this chapter of our lives. Thankfully I have the job I have so I still get to snuggle newborns on an almost weekly basis.

Her fav spot in the house!
To make life exciting, last week she had two allergic reactions resulting in some pretty massive hives all over her body. Ped is certain it was peanuts, but we can't be 100% sure yet. I'll go ahead and say that a peanut allergy will suck, but it is what it is and hopefully we can get it determined soon.

The first baby turned five last Monday. He starts kindergarten in about 3 short weeks I think. (see how on top of it I am?!). I just finished his registration (literally an hour before it was "due") and next on our agenda will be school supply shopping. I haven't even seen the list yet, but I'm sure it's massive. It was massive last year for pre-k. He will ride the bus home for my sanity (because car pools are crazy), but haven't decided on the morning until I see the bus route/times/etc. I drove him every morning last year, so if I can do it with a newborn, surely I can do it again, but man would it be nice to be a little more relaxed in the morning.

He's reading, counting to 200, spelling words, solving problems, is super insightful, helpful almost always and finally showing very typical social skills. He's shy at first, but man, when his best buddy showed up at his birthday party last week, I was almost in tears (I didn't know they were coming). After he warmed up, it was so awesome to see. We've come so far since he was 2.

The middle one, Claire, isn't potty trained yet. That ship just doesn't want to leave the dock for some reason. She will be 3 in October, knows her birthday, LOVES to sing (Whatever She's Got and Let it Go would be her favs), knows the ABC song and is beginning to spell her name and write the letter C. She can count pretty high too. Minnie is still her lovie and she is super particular about her night time routine, what plates/forks/cups she eats with and who puts her to bed/wakes her up somedays. Kind of a firecracker a lot of the time. Overall, I think the meltdowns have slowed, slightly. She tried out a gymnastics camp and a little pre-k class this summer. Since she isn't potty trained, I didn't really research any 2.5 yr pre-k programs and since her birthday is in October, she will wait a year to go to K, so I'm in no hurry to send her yet. We will reassess at mid year after she is (presumably) potty trained and see if anyone has anything available.

If you follow me on facebook, or my biz page, you'll know business is pretty much booming. I'm consistently booking newborns throughout each month to the extent that people are telling me they are pregnant basically after they pee on the stick. Booked into February I think. Fall will be crazy with a bunch of last year's milestone babies, and tons of returning and new families. I love it. It's pretty much exactly where I want to be right now. Busy enough to be busy but not busy enough to lose sanity yet.

This guy loves his photographer.

Ryan's good. Work is good. He loves it. Some days are great, some are stressful, but he loves it. I love that he hasn't had to travel much :) No time or help for beer brewing really. I think I need to get him a big project to do. I've been wanting our backsplash redone for a while....hmmm. His latest home project was moving our TV above the fireplace so that my piano could go in our living room which means MORE ROOM TO SHOOT in my "studio". Oh, I'm so excited. As an added bonus, we got to create a much bigger wall gallery in place of the TV. Hoping to update the canvases soon!

It's hard to believe summer is coming to a close already. We need to get to the pool more! We've actually been blessed with a not so hot summer. It hasn't even hit 100 that many times yet!
Kids love the pool and Claire doggy paddles around in her puddle jumper by herself while Henry still screams bloody murder like the shark from Jaws is coming after him. Swimming lessons for that boy are needed asap.
Other than that, the birthday party has kept me busy, but now that we get a bit of a break (before it's time to gear up for Claire's Frozen party!), I get a little time to catch up on work, organize my office!, and blog a little again. Hopefully I can get the CO pics and birthday party pics up before next year!

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