So Long Diapers!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
After a few attempts at the potty in 2014, none of which were successful, we are FINALLY here.

She pretty much had herself potty trained by day 3.

We did the whole, "no more diapers, throw her in underwear" plan, and she finally caught on with the right incentive.

Princess roller skates didn't work 1 month ago.

Plush princess dolls didn't work 2 months ago.

This time, Disney Princess Palace Pets were the trick.

They make them in all sizes at Target, and after realizing how much she coveted the two random mini ones I had bought her on a routine Target trip the week before, we ran with it.

Thursday morning, I knew we'd be home all day that day, Friday, and Saturday---we were going for that 3 day potty train method.

I made the chart all up. She'd get 1 sticker for peeing, 2 for pooping. I spaced out her reward squares periodically throughout the chart, and each time she hit one, she'd get another mini pet.

Only, based on previous failures, I wasn't hopeful for much success. So I didn't even have any new princess pets on hand to reward her with.

After plunking the little potty in the middle of the floor (after rolling up our brand new rug), throwing Frozen in the DVD player and filling her up with water and milk, we waited.

And we waited.

She willingly sat. Getting up and going back to try again and again.

Finally, 3 hours after waking, she peed.

Within 3 hours of that she had earned two princess pets. Crap.

It was either wait until after 6pm for daddy to bring them home, or run out to Target quick and pray for no accidents.

It went off without a hitch. (Seriously, likely fastest Target trip in my history). I even got her to SIT ON THE BIG TARGET POTTY! That, my friends, was a huge win. She didn't go, but she sat.

By Saturday, she pretty much had it. Since beginning on Thursday, she's only had four accidents total, with none yesterday or today.

At the end of her chart (about 40 boxes, I think?), she decided she wanted the big Treasure plush you can make at Build a Bear (big big thanks to my friend Kate for cluing me in to this!). Every time she got closer to the end of the chart, and when she finally put that last sticker on last night. Oh man. Her face.

So, to Build a Bear we went today. So proud of you, big girl!

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The little things in life are so awesome.
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