For the 3rd Time in Forever, it was Claire's Birthday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Since someone over at Little Tikes has found this blog and has now commissioned me to do a holiday shoot and giveaway for them, I figured it was time to update! I'm starting with the best thing I have right now, and that's Claire's party from back in October!

Finally getting a chance to sit down and sort through these photos! Is Frozen over the top and over done? Maybe. But it's what the princess wanted and boy did mommy have fun with this one.

This party sparked my very, very, VERY basic sewing skills. I can do a straight line folks, and that's about it. But at least (thanks to my handsome hubster), now know how to thread it, turn it on, and use the pedal! The invites required sewing so I finally bit the bullet and bought a very inexpensive standard machine to start learning on.

Thankfully Hobby Lobby puts out their Christmas d├ęcor about 6 months early, so I had no trouble finding anything I needed.

Full disclosure for those who weren't here or don't remember:: I DID NOT MAKE THIS CAKE. I repeat, this cake WAS NOT MY CREATION. I had the completely genius idea to trade it out for photography services, and the cake accolades go out solely to the fantastic Cakes by Emily  . She captured my vision perfectly and I didn't have to shed tears over 9+ hours myself on this cake. The Monsters Inc cake and humidity in July ruined me for a while from the last party in this household.

Otherwise? I made everything else. The party favor bags, the printable signs, the crepe streamer backdrop, the cupcakes, the toppers, the wrappers, etc. Really, this party came together pretty quickly in just under a month, just as busy season was starting to get underway with snapberry.

The best part of the party? The unofficial appearance of Elsa and Anna. I won't go into the travesty that ordering an adult Frozen costume via ebay from China is, but lets just say Ryan had to "fix it" for me. Again, thankful for hubs' sewing skills.

So, yes, my wig isn't so hot. Unfortunately, no one bothered telling me until AFTER the party. When I dressed up again for Halloween, the whole thing looked much better. Anyway, just try to ignore the wig, ok?

I really had no idea how Claire would react. I mean, she KNEW the princesses were coming, but it had been awhile since she'd seen a "character" and I didn't know if she was in the "happy and hug them" stage, or the "scream, cry and get away from me" stage. Thankfully, there were no meltdowns since she appeared to be in the middle "I'll stay quiet, but I kinda like this" stage.

Henry, of course, had me right away and kept trying to confirm, way too loudly, "That's you in a costume, right mommy? Right?!"

We had storytime, made snowglobes, danced, and ate food and cake. It was a blast and Claire loved it.

After I decided Anna was going to "leave" I came out and gave Claire a hug. What followed was the sweetest, and yet, somewhat, most heartbreaking thing ever.

"Mama, you missed the princhessssses!!"

Not only did she believe that Elsa and Anna were there, she was sad that mommy missed her party. Oops. It was the cutest thing ever that she somehow, seemingly, didn't get that it was just me the whole time.

Thankfully, I'm on a party break for a long while. The Mr. doesn't have a milestone birthday this year (but THIS girl does!!), and it's smooth sailing until the big one and littlest's summer bdays.

Enjoy the photos! Most were done by my new friend Whitney (another fantastic idea that I actually got to ENJOY the party and not worry about pictures).

Nap time is over, so of course, this post is too. :)

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