Little Tikes Picnic Table Giveaway!

Thursday, November 12, 2015
It's time for another Little Tikes giveaway! This time I have the picnic table featured as well as the Cook 'n Store Kitchen (Red)!

For the post, I decided to make a little mini Thanksgiving/fall theme table scape and let Norah do a simple fall themed craft. I had planned two, but the attention span of a 2 year old determined otherwise. Since the other two kids weren't involved, I may have them tell me things they are thankful for and add them around the tree.

After we finished our craft, I added in the kitchen and she made and fed me "beans". Ironic, since she didn't eat her beans last night!

Both products get an A+ right off the bat in my book because they were super easy to assemble and I love that the picnic table folds flat for easier storage. The kids have been loving the picnic table since we set it up--using it at meal times and to do art work/table top activities on. It also comes with an umbrella, but since we have it up in the house right now, that is not pictured and we haven't used it yet. It would come in super handy in the spring and summer months, of course!

My only complaints about the table are that it slides all over the place on our tile floor (which again, it's most likely designed to be outdoors anyway) and that there are only 2 little cup holders. You can imagine the arguments that have ensued over that.

Henry being 6 (and a small guy at that), he's almost a bit too big for it, so I'd say it's definitely best for the under 5/6 crowd. Norah loves it so much I can't even convince her to come sit by me at the big table during lunch time when it's just her and me. She'd rather sit alone at her little table.

It cleans up super easy as we've had every spill you could think of already, of course. It also allows quick and easy access to the food for our dogs, so they've been enjoying this little table being around too.

As for the kitchen, we already own 2 other kitchens but I was asked to incorporate it into the Thanksgiving post here. It's a nice little kitchen if you are tight on space or live in an apartment because it all folds into itself and the top pushes down and in too. It's very lightweight, has a number of different compartments, and came with a nice assortment of food and dishes. Based on size, I'd say this one is best for the under 3 crowd. Claire plays with it, but it's really a great size for Norah.

As always, you have a chance to win one of these just in time for the holidays! Rules are simple again, just comment here on which prize you'd prefer and name one way you are teaching your child about thankfulness this holiday season. Also, visit my facebook page, Snapberry Photographs and give it a like. You get one bonus entry if you are a previous/current client and write a review on your session if you haven't already :) Specific entry link info is down below these pictures of my sweet Norah.

Since I can't adjust the time on rafflecopter, please note, this giveaway will actually begin AFTER 12am tonight. So if you are up and feeding a baby later tonight, enter away! If not, make a mental note to pop back over to this tomorrow and enter! I'll post reminders, too, throughout the week.

Message me with questions. Who doesn't want to win a fun prize for your kiddos!?

And Norah's silly faces at the end? I just can't. I love her.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once upon a time, there was a shark, a mermaid and an elephant....

Friday, October 30, 2015
With the forecast changing daily all week for the all important trick or treating, I knew I had to get the kids in their costumes on a nice day just in case we had rain and clouds on Saturday. (Thankfully, the forecast seems to be maintaining for the better, so yay!) The kids are always way too hyped up about candy the actual day for me to get any decent pictures anyway.

I got Henry this shark costume last year after Halloween for like $4 and he decided this was his costume long ago. Claire's been wanting to be a mermaid basically all year as well so one of her presents was an updated Ariel dress since her others were all tattered and too well loved to don on Halloween night. And then Norah? Her favorite thing in the whole world is an elephant, so that's what we went with. In hindsight, I should have done Nemo or Flounder to complete the "theme", but oh well. I bought it a month ago but she finally decided she loves it and will grab the trunk and make elephant noises, so it wins, for sure. :)

For some reason, the kids were super cooperative (when all they were promised was a silly little dum dum sucker). They were so cooperative in fact, that after I said we were done, Henry says "What? We're done already?! That was fast. You didn't take very many pictures!".

Yes I did, buddy. And the candid ones are my favorite. So I put up lots of them.

Oh, and so is that Sigma Art 35mm. I die. It's basically delicious--if lenses can be delicious.


Claire's Under the Sea 4th Birthday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I already posted a video of her birthday, but I thought I'd keep these here for documentation purposes too!

We had an Under the Sea celebration for our mermaid loving princess and even had Ariel herself run the fishing game and pop out to surprise all the little girls. It was a pretty epic moment and Claire still talks about having "another" mermaid party so Ariel can come.

Many thanks to Cakes by Emily for the gorgeous ruffle cake, Part Time Princess Parties for the fabulous Ariel and my friend Libby for all her sewing help and jellyfish knowledge.

Happy Birthday, Claire Bear!

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