Happy Birthday in Mexico!

Monday, January 26, 2015
In honor of my 30th last week, my dear, sweet hubs took me on a 9 day Mexico vacation. I may have overgrammed a bit while we were there, so few of you DON'T know this. Also, for those who are keeping score, yes, we did basically go on vacations back to back to back. Vegas in December (why NOT tag along to a Vegas work trip??), Christmas in Minnesota (last minute decision), and then the always planned beach vacation. It just happened to work out so close together, and Vegas and Mexico were our first vacations sans kids in 3.5 years. So it was good. :)

Unfortunately, after JUST having a run with the stomach bug, we somehow picked it up again. Me, day one and still feeling slightly ish day two. Ryan night one into day 2/3, Claire at home day 3, Henry and bumpa day 4, Grandma day 5 and Uncle Josh day 6. Norah, somehow, escaped. So it sucks that everyone took turns being miserable while we were gone, but thankfully we recouped and were able to take full advantage of the second half of our vacation. Lots of cerveza, and ritas. Yum.

The whole point of the trip was to lay around and enjoy the sun, sand and ocean, which we did extensively, but we also did a few other day trip/excursion type things. The pictures are all basically a hodge podge, mostly taken with the iphone, which, easily, is a 10x better camera than when we first went to Mexico on our honeymoon.

Day one. Started to feel ish, but beach and jumbo ritas anyway. We were in Mexico!


Day 2 I got a surprise slice of cake from the resort and we did some swimming in the ocean. By swimming, I mean me jumping waves and screaming if they came too close to my face. Confession: I still don't know how to swim.


Day 3: walked along the hotel zone area beaches and did some people watching along the resorts. Much to my initial unwillingness, Ryan convinced me to hop on a jet ski in the ocean again. Our honeymoon was a horrific experience where we each had our own and you were suppose to keep up with the crazy fast Mexican tour guide. I couldn't. Speed scared me, the big waves scared me. The salt in my face made my eyes burn and I couldn't see. It was awful. Refer back to where I can't swim. The feeling of zipping around again, this time with the fear of flying off (which I hate) was a little too much for me still. However, I'm happy to report that when I drove, it WAS pretty fun. I knew I wasn't going to fly off and I totally went full throttle most of the time!

little_tikes_photos_1021 little_tikes_photos_1022

Day 4, we took the ferry out to Isla Mujeres. We had done this on the honeymoon as well. Lots of shopping over there, more beaches, etc. This time we rented a golf cart and zipped all the way around the island. Tons of fun! Lots of Dos Equis this day as well. We went to the most southern tip of the island and had THE MOST OMG AMAZING shrimp lunch. Seriously, the best shrimp I ever had. And chips. So many chips and salsa in Mexico. My belly thanks you, Mexico.

  little_tikes_photos_1023little_tikes_photos_1024 little_tikes_photos_1025 little_tikes_photos_1026 little_tikes_photos_1027

We didn't ask a ton of people to take our picture. I'm not sure why. One guy offered when we were at the southern lookout point that you see above. Otherwise everything else you see is Ryan taking pics of me and me taking pics of him. And selfies. so.many.selfies.

little_tikes_photos_1028 little_tikes_photos_1029 little_tikes_photos_1031

Day 5? We did a most of the day tour in a hummer. We had a personal tour guide with us all day and Ryan got to drive the hummer all around. Money well spent. Our tour guide was fabulous. We first stopped at some ruins. Can't remember their name, sadly.

  little_tikes_photos_1032 little_tikes_photos_1033

Next stop was a crocodile zoo. We got to hold some birds, a crocodile and Ryan met his very worst nightmare by holding a snake. Of course he merely held it, while I, the brave one, put it around my neck. The crocodile was squishy soft. Not at all what I was expecting. Snake wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but I was afraid to turn my head and look it in the eye.

  little_tikes_photos_1034 little_tikes_photos_1035

Seeeee? Look who looks scared!


Next stop was shopping and lunch in Puerto Morelos? I think that's what it was called. Cute little quaint town that is a big snowbird type spot, but not very touristy at all. and lunch again? spot on with some delicious mojitos and fish burritos. I use to think I didn't care much about food. Like food is food, if it's great, great, if it's meh, whatever. But now that I've had enough amazing food, I'm starting to become a food snob. Just a little.

More selfies. duh.

  little_tikes_photos_1038 little_tikes_photos_1039

Next stop that day was riding ATVs in the jungle. That was pretty badass. I ruined my white shorts. Who wears white shorts when they are going to be riding an ATV through the mud? This girl.


Final stop before heading back to the resort was the cenote. It was fah-reeeezing cold. We could cliff jump, zip line, or take the "chicken steps" as our tour guide suggested. I'm sure you can guess what I took. And you can see what Ryan did. I really did contemplate that zip line for a few moments. But nope. It just wasn't in me.


Next day was spent hanging out on the beach. and enjoying the alcohol. I also busted out the big camera for the first time.

little_tikes_photos_1043 little_tikes_photos_1058 little_tikes_photos_1060

Next day we took a speed boat down the lagoon and snorkeled a bit. We didn't have the sunniest
weather for most of the trip. So a little chilly riding in the boat. I did not drive, lol. You had to keep up with the crazy Mexican tour guide. We know how that goes with me.

little_tikes_photos_1044 little_tikes_photos_1045 little_tikes_photos_1047

When we got back from snorkeling (and then two days later, again? I think?) we ate at an amazing burrito place. and buckets of cerveza. always a bucket of cerveza.

little_tikes_photos_1046 little_tikes_photos_1048

A few more rounds with the big camera.


And then we said goodbye to Mexico.

Am I sad because we were leaving? Sad to come back and face reality and 30? No. Sad that I had to waste some Jack. That's it. I'm sure y'all never wanna see another pic of us/me again for awhile. Nice overload, I'm sure.

Big, big thanks to the hubs for the totally awesome 30th birthday present. :)


Goodbye blocked tear duct!

Tomorrow is finally the day! We are fixing that right eye!


I remember taking Norah into the pediatrician week 1 because (I didn't know at the time, it's why I was taking her in) she had blocked tear ducts in both eyes from birth and they both were super goopy and gross from the start.

"Massage it and it will go away soon".

2 months later.

"Keep massaging it, it will go away on its own."

2 more months later.

"Oh good, one cleared up. Keep working on that right eye."

2 more months later.

"It's really bad today. Let's just give you these drops in case it's pink eye." (makes it worse. not pink eye).

3 months later.

"We should really just wait it out until she's 12 months. These things typically clear up by then.

1 month later.

"Ok, I can see you are pretty frustrated with her eye. Let's go ahead and give you the referral now." 

So, if you do the math, she was about 10-11 months when I got the referral. I failed to call right away, lost the card not once, but twice, and FINALLY had it on the books for November. Only when all the paperwork came, it costed a bit more out of pocket (yes, insurance covered some) then we were able/prepared to spend right before Christmas.

So we put it off.

The eye was awful, awful, awful over Christmas. It basically (with the exception of the past 3 weeks) has looked like she has constantly had pink eye since birth. Awesome.

But, like I said, it's been pretty good as of late. So I was hopeful when I drove her down to the preop appointment last week that the doctor would say she was the magical 1% that clears up past the age of 15 months.

But, no, she wasn't. They put in a yellow tinted dye in their eye, wait about 10 minute and see if it drains. Right eye was still all clogged up. So, surgery tomorrow.

I don't know what the name of the actual procedure is, but they are essentially putting a string down there to unclog the block. It's my understanding the block will grasp/heal/whatever around the string and then the string should fall out on it's own, taking the blockage with it sometime within the next 4 months. So we may not see total relief of symptoms until then.

Minor procedure and a quick procedure. 90something% effective and no lasting side effects other than potentially some minor bruising and bleeding.

But she goes under general anesthesia. That sucks. I had heard stories from others that they got to be with during this part and hold them, but I don't. I have to hand her off with her Ellie Bellie lovey and not see her until she wakes up. She will likely be completely fine (well, not with the separation, that's for sure), but in the health regard, she'll be fine and we will go home.

But I'll still be a basket case. Thankfully it's short. Otherwise I don't know how I'd deal. I still don't know how I'll deal.

And, a few more of the girls because I actually took some pictures the other day.

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