Why yes, I do, in fact, LOVE motherhood.

Thursday, February 19, 2015
It's come to my attention that yesterday's "Day in the Life" post could have come across as me being an ungrateful work from home mom (because, I do, in fact, run a biz here), or that I simply don't enjoy motherhood.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Yesterday's post was merely to make other moms (who have commented on how I'm a super mom) feel better that "No, I'm definitely NOT a super mom." I don't think of myself as one. I never have it all together, and I've definitely never thought I've EVER had it all together. Something is always neglected on purpose, or purely forgotten, not on purpose.

There is always chaos. Always. Motherhood (and parenting in general) is anything but a walk in the park.

There are beautiful moments. The baby placed in your arms for the first time. Snuggles. The first "I wuv you." The pride in something they created, "just for you mama". The milestones. The "I need one more hug, mama."


But, as my post, which was strictly written as a narrative of an average day I picked out of no where showed you, a lot of motherhood is mundane. The laundry never stops. The dishes never stop. Something is always spilled, dropped, broken, lost, and someone always has something somebody else wants. Just because.


And that's ok. That's life. No one has to love wiping butts. It doesn't make you a better or worse mother if you are like me and hope that you never ever have to take a coat off of one child so that the other child can puke into it while you stand in the sporting good section of Target. I can really do without that stuff, and I have a sneaking suspicion that even when my children are grown, I actually won't miss catching puke. Shocker. But forgive me for thinking that yes, I AM still a good mother.



Yesterday was a perfect example of a busy day. To and from dance, to and from Target, a doctor appointment for me, quick lunches, early/short naps, and not being here when Henry got home from the bus. Was it an average day? Yes. Did it have more chaos and less play and snuggles and downtime than other average days? Yes.

Just because I was exhausted and enjoyed a quiet 30 minutes alone at Target doesn't make me a bad mother. It just makes me an exhausted mother. You know, like ALL of us who are in the trenches of parenting multiple young children under the age of 6 are? Like anyone who was once in those trenches at a different season of life. You know the trench where the noise never stops? That one. Quiet alone time is refreshing and completely necessary to maintain some level of sanity.


You can tell me I'll miss this. And you are right. Most of it, for sure, anyway. Being a mother is a beautiful thing, and this growing up stuff is happening too fast. But how difficult it is. How anxiety ridden it can be. How exhausting it always is. That's not null and void because I will, in fact, miss it all someday. It still gets to be hard, because it is hard, and that's the season of motherhood I'm in.


I love these littles. With absolutely every ounce of my being. I would give my life for them. I have sacrificed pieces of me, but gained so much more becoming a mother. The daily nuances and frustrations that come along with being a mother don't change any of that. I get to love my children. And I get to be exhausted too. And I get to get excited about alone time at Target.

They make me laugh::

"Mama, I tink dat shirt is too big. I can see your boo-boos. Your boo-boos are falling out."

They make me cry::

"Mama, you're the best mama in the whole wide world. I never want to have another mama."

Those are the moments I know I will miss. I know it.


I wouldn't change any part of my life. I have three amazing kiddos and one fantastic, smart and handsome husband by my side. And I do realize that it's going by too fast. But as seasons of life end, new ones begin.


Henry's pride in bringing home worksheets with perfectly written sentences will soon turn into pride over science projects, more soccer goals, and acing that really hard history test.

The cheers for Claire to go poop on the potty will soon be cheers at a soccer game. And dance recitals. And spelling bees.

The clapping for Norah's perfect imitation of a new word will change to applause for pooping on the potty, and any or all of the other things for either kid I mentioned above. And ALL of that is awesome.

Point being, I am enjoying what I have. But I also look forward to all that is to come. Including the one day that I get to dance with my son on his wedding day and zip up the wedding dresses of my daughters.


I am who I am today because I became a mother. Before I was a mother, I was a special education teacher. 6 years into motherhood and I'm a work from home photographer with a pretty decent and successful business. These children literally changed the course of my life. A life where I can be creative, work from home, and freeze a few of these memories for us and a whole bunch of other awesome clients. And for that I am grateful. Never could that 24 year old pregnant me ever have imagined how my life would be shaped and changed by them.


I may not fully enjoy vomit, the never ending dishes/laundry, or that feeling that never goes away that you must be forgetting something. Because I am.

But it certainly doesn't mean I don't enjoy motherhood or the fact that along with their father, these little miracles are ours to shape into beautiful people. And that's an amazing thing.


Motherhood is hard. It's really, really hard. But it's so beautiful. And it's exactly what I want.


A Day in the Life; February, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
A few of your requested it, since it appears that some people think I have an extra set of arms or nanny running around behind the scenes. I assure you I don't. I assure you every.single.day, something has to fall to the way side. I'm going to be thoroughly impressed with anyone that actually reads this all the way through. 

So, a day in the life:: February 17, 2015 (Henry is 5, Claire is 3, and Norah is 18 months).  

6:20am:: Henry’s alarm goes off. He and Claire are in our room approximately 30 seconds later. Claire is only up at that time as well because she’s been sleeping in Henry’s room for the past week. One night, a week ago, we decided we didn’t want to deal with the whining about sleeping in her room (which suddenly appeared out of no where), so we let her sleep in his room. He doesn’t care, and now of course, we can’t get her out and back in her room. You pick your battles, people.

Claire complains about not seeing the TV. Henry complains about not seeing the TV. Both of them are kicking me or inadvertently throwing an elbow in my face. It's a wonder I haven't broken a nose yet in nearly 6 years of parenting. Henry’s told to go back upstairs and get his clothes on (periodically, I actually set them out for him the night before, like I did last night). Of course, he comes down in his pj’s, but he at least had brought the clothes down with him. After I tell him about 7 times to get dressed, he finally gets off the bed and starts getting dressed.

6:49am:: Decide it’s finally time to get up. For five minutes I have an internal battle about whether I was going to shower or not, as I was trying to decide if I was going to work out twice (once in the afternoon and once after the kids go to bed). There was no point in showering if I was going to work out during nap time (and plusalso we had no where to be). Ok. No shower. Hello, favorite Minnesota Twins sweatpants and dry shampoo. I really want to give the inventor of dry shampoo a big hug. Best time saver of my day, really.

Oh wait. It’s not Monday. It’s Tuesday. Dance class day. If I show up unshowered in sweatpants, it'd be like showing up to Neiman Marcus dressed for Walmart. Damn it dance class moms. I’ll shower. I’ll even give up the dry shampoo and ratty bun to wash my hair today. Even Ryan asks when I last washed my hair (hey people, I’m trying to save my fab color!).

Before I can get in the shower, I gotta go set the kids up with their breakfast so that they are already done eating by the time we come out of the bathroom. (Ryan’s already in the shower at this point).
Of course, they don’t want the same thing for breakfast (why would they?!). Henry wants pop tarts. 

Yes. I occasionally feed my child pop tarts. Go ahead and judge me like my used-to-be-friend did (this mom dropped me like hot cakes when I didn't offer to go help her during a puke fest in her house---mind you, Norah was 3 months old at the time. No thank you, I shall not declare my friendship for you by introducing the puke to my entire family, including a tiny baby, thanks. And she once vocally judged me for giving Henry a pop tart.) 

ANYWAY…..so Henry gets pop tarts. Claire wants toast with Nutella (chocolate toast, as she calls it).

Holy crap. The kitchen is a disaster. We didn't do dishes or clean anything up at all last night. Gross. I sort of hate when my day starts like this. But apparently not enough hate to actually do anything about it the night before.

6:53am:: Head back to bathroom to take a quick shower. Brush my teeth first. Ryan informs me there is no body wash left. Go running around the house checking the other bathrooms for body wash.
Score! I find a man wash and a girly wash. Trip to Target averted! (sad face) Only as I hand it to Ryan, I realize the man wash is actually man shampoo. Here you go Ryan, use this peach stuff instead, I guess. (And yay, I DO have to go to Target now...the horror.)

6:58am:: It’s finally my turn for the shower.  Henry gets the ok to play on the ipad after he’s done eating.

6:59am:: Henry runs in yelling "Someone's calling!!".

Oh dear god, please do not be running into the bathroom holding an answered facetime call while I'm naked in the shower.

Ok. no ipad in hand. Thank god. First he said it was an ipad ringing out in the other room. No wait, nevermind, it was daddy's phone. I think it said Liz.

Unless it's an absolute emergency, neither Liz would be calling us at that hour. Ryan checks his phone and sees it's an alarm reminder he set for a car appointment. Not sure where "Liz" came into play, lol. 

7:17am:: After a quick shower and half ass drying my hair (it definitely was no Shelby Vest blowout), I forgo the makeup for now and head back out to get Henry off to school. I still had to check if school lunch was a viable option or if I’d be making his lunch (bus comes at 7:25, mind you).

Check the school district app (yes, there’s an app for that!), and hope hope hope that once the wheel stops spinning the gloriousness that is pizza, popcorn chicken, hot dog or corn dog shows up so I don’t have to pack him a lunch (once in the history of him taking lunches to school have I packed it the night before).

Spaghetti. Oooo. You'll like that Henry. School lunch it is.


7:20am:: Time for Henry to get shoes and coat on. (As is typical, he whines about not getting “enough” ipad time. It is both a blessing and the devil, that ipad.)

“Mommy, do my hair how I always like it!!!” Ok, ok. We slap some water and gel in the hair. We NEED to get your coat on and out the door.

Only, at 7:24, we can’t find his warm winter jacket (Texas has been super bipolar lately giving us glorious late spring temps one day, and then frigid Minnesota spring temps the next). No idea where the coat is and the 20 seconds I looked for it was 20 seconds too long. So sorry, buddy, but I guess you are off to school in your lighter jacket. Slap his hat on his head, (so much for having his hair “how he always likes it), and run out the door just in time to catch the bus as it pulls up to the corner.

7:30am:: Mommy makes her coffee. Take one sip. Oh yeah, there is another child to wake up yet. Go get Norah.


Claire wants more “chocolate toast” as I sit Norah down for her breakfast. Great. Throw 3 pieces of bread in the toaster (one for each girl and an extra in case someone is feeling extra hungry).

“Nevermind mommy, I don’t want toast.”

Alright. Guess I know what I’m having for breakfast.

“Bumpa day day! Bumpa day day”!

“Norah wants to call Bumpa momma, let’s call Bumpa right NOW!!”


7:40am:: Finally sit down for the first time after being awake for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Facetime with my dad.

7:50am:: Really want to get this disgusting kitchen cleaned up before we need to leave for dance class, so we tell Bumpa goodbye. I'd leave Bumpa to entertain the girls, but typically when the kids are in charge of facetime, the caller on the other end ends up looking at the ceiling for most of the time. Norah continues eating while Claire plays with her cupcake game.

After a few minutes, most of Norah’s toast is gone, but it’s completely unclear to me if she ate it, or passed it off to Mocha.

Back to dishes.

Claire needs help getting on the potty. (She doesn't, really though. I don’t know what this is about, but every 5 times or so she has to go potty, “she needs help”. )

I come back out to Norah’s precious, bright white Olaf stuffed animal (whom she calls “Frozzzen”) covered in pb&j. I had set it aside and somehow she still reached it. Clean off Olaf. Remove from Norah's reach.

“I need you to watch me poop mommy!” (heard hollered from the bathroom). 

Nope. No you don’t. I'm not watching you poop. 

2 minutes later….“Ok, I’m done.” Wipe Claire’s butt. Come back out to find the additional piece of toast I had given Norah face down, with Mocha waiting in the wings to grab it. Only she couldn’t get it because her fat butt was under the chair and I snagged it first. Ok. Norah’s done with breakfast I guess. You can see our floor needs to be swept. Always remnants of food (seriously, dogs, do your job!) and playdough. Oh, my hate for playdough is strong. 


Norah has to stay in her chair until I finish loading the dishwasher. Otherwise, all she wants to do is grab the dirty silverware out of the basket and put it in her mouth. Gross. So in her seat she stays.

Of course, she’s screeching and pissed at me.

8:09am:: Dishwasher finally loaded.


Norah can get out of her seat now. Change her diaper and get her dressed. We will opt for the non- homely look today since we have to be seen at dance class. I put on my fav floral leggings of hers with a coordinating shirt. No socks. That’s how we roll around here.

By this time of running back and forth from pantry to clean clothes basket and back to kitchen I’ve amassed a collection of 4 sippy cups of water from the floor. So much for an empty sink. That lasted 3 minutes. I spend a lot of this time chasing Norah down off climbing on everything. 


Try to ignore all the crap in the background of those photos.

Mocha gets yelled at for stealing Hershey’s food (at least 7 times in the next 10 minutes) as he just stands there like a do-do bird and lets her do it.

Oh yeah. And I totally said f-it to the hand wash dishes. Those can wait.

8:25am:: Finally sitting back down to finish that coffee. You know, the one I made just about an hour ago now? Opening up a letter I found in Henry’s backpack that requires my signature. I assume it’s for his IEP meeting (which it is). They like to just go ahead and schedule meetings, assuming parents can just rearrange life and make it on a 1-2 week notice. Back in my day, I got available times from parents FIRST before I scheduled the meeting.


Dogs growl to go outside (it will be a whole 2 minutes before Mocha is scratching to come back in), and I text Ryan the IEP time to put in his calendar.

I check my emails and biz/personal fb page messages (I get work stuff in all three places). 2 inquiries to reply to, one contract for a booking to send, and some more Little Tikes stuff is coming tomorrow for a new blog post for them. Add that to my calendar somewhere.

Check my facebook newsfeed. First thing that pops up in my feed is my next mama is in labor. Add a newborn session to this weekend’s calendar (and yay for new baby Amelia!).


8:35am:: While I’m replying to an email, Claire starts screaming that Norah ripped a toy booklet (you know, one of those things that comes with a toy that shows you OMGALLTHEOTHERTOYSYOUHAVETOGET), yeah. Those suck. And Claire is attached to one.


I’ll tape it in 5 minutes, girl.

Insert more screaming. Ok, ok. I’ll tape the stupid booklet. Crisis averted. I already am done with the whining.

Read a measles story on FB. Reminds me to call ped and get Norah’s last round of vaxes to be all caught up at the 18 month mark. Crap. I should call the dentist for me and the kids too while I’m at it.
Of course, have to wait for a call back from the ped nurse.

Dentist for me tomorrow, at 8am. A cancelled appointment. It's like I won the lottery.

8:45am:: FINALLY finish my first cup of coffee. Mind you, it wasn’t a true cup of coffee. It was a little espresso cup.

Call the ped dentist. As with everyone I have to call and make appointments with that require a last name (well, don’t they all?) “S as in Sam, E as in Edward, F as in Frank, K-O-W”. No, no. Not "S". “F as in Frank”. Story of our lives. 

Tell the receptionist I’d prefer after school times. Surprise, the next available appointment for an “after school time” is at least 6 months out. Alright, I’ll go ahead and take the next available since they are over due by that much already, anyway.

Norah found the scotch tape.

8:49am:: Take a toilet paper roll away from Mocha. Don’t bother picking up all the shreds yet.

9:00am:: Grab dance clothes and do hair. Claire’s fine hair gets snarled really easy and she freaks about having her hair done sometimes. A few tears while I try to get it up into a perfect little ballerina bun. Throw some Cindy-Lou-Who piggies in Norah’s hair, do “cheeks, lips and eyes” for Claire (I give her some lip gloss and dust her with eye shadow and blush---literally, a dust, before you judge, thanks) and we are set to go.


Let the girls play some while I look for Claire’s ballet shoes, pack a snack for Norah (so she’s occupied for a whole 2.5 minutes while we are there), let dogs out one more time.

Realize I didn’t put makeup on yet. Slap a little mascara, eye shadow and blush on and call it good. My hair looks like crap. It’s what happens when I don’t take the time to blow it out properly. Throw it up in a pony and we are set.


Crap. There was a stain on my shirt I noticed when I put it on. Now there are new ones, likely peanut butter from cleaning up Norah. Wet my finger and try to rub it off. Meh, good enough. The scarf will cover it.

9:31am:: We are out the door and everyone is buckled. Claire doesn’t know how to buckle or unbuckle herself yet. Ask me how much I love climbing all the way to the back of the van. As I said, it’s freaking freezing and the sun isn’t out, so we should probably all have warmer coats on, but we don’t. We are literally running in and out and we don’t put the kids in their seats with heavy jackets on anyway, so what’s the point?

One of our fav songs, “Whatever She’s Got” (the “Blue Jean song”) comes on and everyone goes crazy and screams and dances.


9:45am:: Nurse calls back just as I pull up to dance class, Norah will get the rest of her vaxes tomorrow morning.

We are 15 minutes early to dance class, by the way, and still there isn’t a close parking spot in the front. I only choose to wine about this as the only other option is the back parking lot (which is also usually full from the nearby apartment complex and it sucks walking that far in the cold, carrying Norah on my hip).

10:00am:: Another dance class friend is freaking out about separating, so of course Claire decides to have issues with separating from me too. We need something like 6 extra hugs before we decide we will walk back with the teacher.

Norah and I are back in the van and off to Target. For the past few weeks I've stayed at dance class (you have to wait in the lobby and watch on tv screens) but since I didn’t really want to get up and pull Norah away from the wall of trophies every 1.5 minutes, off to Target we went (we needed man body wash, anyway, remember?). With travel time and parking, we have exactly 30-35 minutes to burn in Target.

10:12am:: Hello, Target. Nice to see you, friend.


Choosing how the man smells is such a tough decision. And I feel rushed on time and can't smell all the man soap goodness. Old Spice is by far my fav, though. And, can someone please tell me why body wash appears to be so expensive for what it is? Is there liquid gold in this stuff??


We grab the body wash, milk, do a quick check of the clearance and are in the checkout by 10:35. I resisted the adorable toddler easter dress cuteness. And the clearance Belle princess coffee mug.


I was no match for the $5 bottle of Barefoot wine though.

“I need your ID m’am”.

Damn. I don’t look frazzled enough with just one child to look well over 21?? I didn’t even conceal the increasing crows’ feet today.

Who the hell am I kidding? I didn’t get carded for looks, I got carded because they have to enter your birthday in order to scan the alcohol. Duh.

Getting in the car I smell some restaurant food goodness. Crap I’m hungry. I have to be better about snacks mid morning. But thank goodness there are dinner leftovers from last night so I don’t have to go home and figure out lunch for myself. Or prepare anything beyond a plate and the microwave.

10:50am:: Back in the dance lobby waiting for Claire. Watch her do a few cute moves on the screen. 2-3 year olds are REALLY good at choreographed dance, if you can imagine. Check out the lone dad in the background.


Claire is on the 4th screen from the left. See if you can spot her, lol.

11:15am:: Back at home. Wash hands, put away the few groceries I picked up and hopefully grab another cup of coffee while the girls play for a little bit.

“Mommy, I want to make a chocolate sandwich now!!”

Honey, we had chocolate (Nutella) for breakfast. We will have something else for lunch.

“Ok, I want p-butter and jelly. “  Pulls up chair to counter.

No Claire, we are going to wait a bit to make lunch. Tantrum ensues. Offer her a snack when she calms down and we will make lunch when mommy is ready.

Crap. I have a dr. appt later and they need to go down for an early nap so I can get them up early.

Alright. I guess we ARE making lunch now.

11:20am:: Make lunch. Fancy stuff here.


11:37am:: After everyone has washed hands, plates are delivered, milk is poured, my leftovers and I sit down for lunch.

"I don't want it cut like that mommy! I want circles!!"

Circle cutter is dirty, Claire. How about stars?


Good. We can now resume our regularly scheduled pb and j eating.


11:38am:: Hershey scratches to go outside. (Is anyone keeping track of exactly how many minutes I actually get to sit down yet??)

11:46am:: After scarfing down lunch, I realize with my later dr. appt it would be a good idea to prep the zucchini lasagna I had planned for dinner (Skinnytaste recipe, of course). This is not typical. I repeat, dinner prep at lunch is not exactly typical for me.


I get done what I can before Norah is screeching to get out of her chair.


12:00pm:: Norah goes down for her nap, without a problem (this is probably the biggest blessing of my days).


12:07pm:: Claire is down too, without a struggle, surprisingly. She hasn’t been taking naps very well at all. She's also typically up about 5 minutes later, without fail, to go poop. Henry’s on a dinner time pooping schedule and she’s on a nap time pooping schedule.

12:20pm:: My ground beef was slightly burnt by the time I make it back downstairs. Oops. Finish up the rest of dinner prep and realize my sauce has to simmer for 25 minutes. Perfect amount of time to get my workout in. Only, of course, I can’t find my stretchy band I use for this leg/butt workout I do from the Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs. The cleaning ladies put it in some off the wall place I’m sure. Spend 5 minutes looking for it and texting Ryan if he knows before I decide to just do the 20 minute portion of the DVD that doesn’t utilize the band thing.


Just in case anyone still thinks I have it all together at this point, take a peek at what the living room looks like.


12:54pm:: Dinner is in fridge. I didn’t have a mandolin to cut thin strips of zuchinni to make them noodle like, so we shall see how this turns out.


Finally sit down to drink the second coffee I decided to make somewhere during lunch prep and write a few emails. I now have 3 inquiries to reply to, 1 contract to send, 2 sessions to schedule and 3 card/print orders to make. All in the next hour before I need to get the girls up to leave.

1:44pm:: Chat with a repeat client on the phone for 15 minutes.

2:00pm: Crap! Time to leave. Change out of the workout clothes and run upstairs to get girls up. Crossing my fingers the crabbiness is minimal.

2:09pm:: Crabiness was surprisingly minimal, got Claire to go potty, changed Norah’s diaper, threw on some shoes, and off we were again.


2:25pm:: Drop girls off (because no one wants to bring children to the OBGyn, that’s for sure) and I make it to the doctor in Plano exactly at my appointment time of 2:45pm.

Disclaimer:: We will go ahead and skip the details here. You are welcome.

4:10pm:: Back at Target in North Frisco for the second time today to drop off and wait for a prescription. I’m by myself. Target, by myself. It’s a sentence so rarely spoken by moms everywhere.

I decide I’ll have a latte to celebrate since I’ll have to wait for my script anyway. I get to leisurely wander. How did I manage to book this vacation in the middle of the average workweek?!

And dinner is already ready to go in the oven. Awesome.

Holy shit. Caramel macchiato, you are so delicious. “What’s that pharmacy lady? A 25 minute wait? Yes, I can deal with that.”

Soooo much to look at. Who knew Target’s women’s clothing section was SO HUGE?! So many things I want.

But not these. Just not these. Target, please tell me why? If I see you wearing these, I might just laugh at you. And I consider myself a nice, non-judgy person most of the time. Hideous, seriously. 1990 called, they want their shit back. 


Look at all these interesting books. I so wish I had time to read sometimes. 50 shades, Gone Girl, Nick Sparks? Any of it. Just give me time.


Damn. Could I really be bored? Toys, clothes, home d├ęcor, but nothing that screams “BUY ME NOW!”. It’s too quiet in here.

Except these. I want them for our bedroom. We don't have lamps in our bedroom. These are PERFECT.


Ryan::"But we don't use lamps."

Well, no, I guess we can't use lamps IF WE DON'T HAVE THEM. Sigh. I'll watch for them on the end caps, I guess. 

“Are you finding everything ok, m’am?”

Yes, I realize I look like a lost puppy that has lost her way and doesn’t know which way to go, but I assure you I’m fine, Target man. I might just be in a daze.

Ryan informs me, via text, that zuchinni lasagna isn't looking so hot. I tell him what I actually was making was lasagna soup, of course.


4:54pm:: Script ready, loaf of bread bought for dinner. Thanks for the awesome vacation, Target.

5:15pm:: Back at home. Bombarded at door by kids who miss their mama like crazy, even when I’m gone for 1 hour. A love note from Henry. Hugs from Norah. Dogs jumping on me and knocking Norah out of the way, as per usual.

Change Norah’s poopy diaper that I smell within 2 minutes of being home, wash hands, clear table of legos, cupcake game pieces, crayons, more crayons, and the rest of the randomness so I can set the table. Ryan gets dinner out of the oven.

5:25pm:: Dinner is served. Ryan and I think it’s delicious. No child wants to even try it. Awesome. Why can’t my children like lasagna?? And I apparently forgot to take any pictures of anything during this hour. Day in the life post fail.

5:35pm:: Henry needs to poop. (I told you he was on a dinner pooping schedule.)

5:45pm:: Dinner is cleared. I’m not in the mood for any gimmicks tonight. If they don’t eat, then they don’t eat tonight. Each child had a piece of garlic bread and some milk.

5:50pm:: Henry's done pooping and asks what he needs to do for dessert. Decides he WILL eat the 6 bites I negotiate with him to get dessert.

6:00pm:: He’s taken two bites so far and Claire is running wild with a super loud and annoying toy, distracting Henry away from his food constantly. The noise is too much for me, so I go sit down with my wine and tell Henry to let me know when he’s done with his bites.

6:05pm:: Can’t seem to escape the noise of the toy or the screaming from Claire. Take away said annoying toy. Claire screams more. Just intermixed with crying/whining now. Mom fail.

6:15pm:: Henry is given a clock timer (5 more minutes to finish his remaining bites). Finishes in the nick of time and actually cleans up most of his plate in the whole process. So much for zucchini lasagna being a hit.

I go back to finishing that glass of wine.

6:30pm:: Text from my mom reminds me that she was expecting something to arrive for the kids in the mail today. Go get mail. Have kids open up belated Valentine cards from Bumpa Dale and Grandma Karen and explain what a gift card is.


6:35pm:: Declare it’s bathtime and everyone moves upstairs as I collect pjs for everyone (a basket of clean clothes hasn't been put away yet, so they are conveniently right at the bottom of the steps) as well as pull ups and a diaper.

Lots of screaming during bathtime. There always is. Henry complains daddy made the water too cold. They all fight over the same toys, of course.


7:00pm:: Back downstairs to try and clean up SOME of this mess.


Immediately, no one listens, except the youngest of the bunch.


After I give them specific tasks/toys to pick up, we hammer it out to look relatively decent after 20 minutes or so.


7:30pm:: Back upstairs for books. Everyone already went potty and brushed their teeth immediately after bath. Henry chooses a Power Rangers book (high quality reading material there! And Claire chooses “The Secret Life of Squirrels”).


Norah sits still for about 1.5 minutes of the book.

7:34pm:: I go to put Norah down in her crib. Sweet dreams, baby girl.


7:37pm:: Run back downstairs because Hershey is outside barking like crazy and we don't want the neighbors to call the cops on our annoying dog.

Head back upstairs to learn that, surprisingly, after a week of sleeping in Henry’s room, Claire agrees to go back in her room tonight.

7:40pm:: Henry gets snuggles from Claire and goodnight kisses from us. Clothes are out for the next day, alarm set for 6:20am. Sweet dreams, buddy.


Get Claire all tucked in, hugs, kisses, puts her Minnie in just the right place “on top of her cheek”, and get ready to close her door.

“Wait wait! I need my Dora light”. Sigh. I have no idea where that damn thing is. Every night she demands something different. Her way of stalling I’m sure. Thankfully, she claims it’s in her toy box, and indeed it is.


7:48pm:: Shut Claire’s door. Sweet dreams, girl.


On my butt. Still have that wine to finish. Thank goodness I already worked out, because it’s not happening tonight. I’ll either stay right here and fall asleep to our latest Netflix binge or get motivated to write this post. 

9:16pm:: Thankfully for those who were interested in this day in the life post, I decided to write it out tonight, before I forget all the details.

Snuggle the hubs and we go to bed by 10:15pm.

The messy kitchen starts it all over tomorrow. 

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