18 Months in the Books for the Forever Baby.

Sunday, February 8, 2015
Aside from the blog lacking in content for awhile, I totally dropped the ball on the monthly posts with Norah at a point where I don't even remember.

Thankfully I carved out 15 minutes of time last night and took these to mark her official 1.5 years. Norah gets an A+ for cooperation. She's a pretty good listener still when she wants to be.

Some days it feels like she's always been here, and some days it feels like she just got here, with the newborn phase a blur no matter what (because it always is!).
She's definitely her own little person with a blooming personality, expanding communication and as big of smiles as she's always had.

18 things on the forever baby, Norah Caroline:

1. Communication is ramping up perfectly. Words used frequently include Frozen, bye, "hewo", mama, dada, "Kkkkkk" for Claire, spoon, shoots (for shoes), coat, "shut door", "mimi" for Minnie, ba (for bite), baby, puppa, "ffff" for off, "fruts" for fruit snacks, me, "cose" for clothes, ca-cake (for cupcake) and probably a handful more I'm not remembering. For some reason she's picking up and imitating nouns quickly, but no matter how hard I work on "help" or "please" she won't verbalize those (signs please).

2. She loves Henry and Claire and often runs up to Henry either before or after school to give him hugs.

3. She LOVES her "Ellie Bellie" which became her lovie before she could walk, I think. It's a Kohls $5 Horton Hears a Who plush for those curious. You know, of course, something that would only be able to be replicated via ebay.

4. Frozen is oddly another of her favorite things in the whole world. Any time I grab a remote, touch the dvd player or when she obviously sees or hears something Frozen, it's "Frozzzzzzzennnnnn!! Frozzzzennnn!!" And it's the cutest thing in the whole world.

5. Yogurt, avocado and most fruits are her favorite things to eat. And she gets really excited about donuts and cupcakes.

6. Climbs. Climbs on everything all the time. The fireplace, chairs, the table, the stairs if we'd let her. Pretty much the only thing she can't get up on is our bed. She's taken a number of spills already, unfortunately.

7. She's a tough girl, and never cries too long.

8. She sits still no problem for the two cutest Cindy Lou Who style pigtails you've ever seen. (see pictures).

9. Obsessed with necklaces. Insists on wearing big sisters necklaces and bracelets all the time. We call them pretties.

10. Loves going outside to swing and go down the slide. Has no issue climbing up the ladder (yes we are always behind her!) and then going full speed down the big bumpy slide. She's definitely fearless.

11. Loves her sleep and still sleeps through the night and naps like a champ.

12. Interested in whatever big brother and sister are doing, especially when they are sitting at the kitchen table.

13. Just starting to explore art (we've done paint, glue stick and crayons so far) She enjoys painting herself more than the paper, obviously.

14. Loves her froyo like the rest of us.

15. Gives the best, most amazing, melt your heart hugs when you ask for a hug now (like arms wrapped around your neck and squeezes).

16. Somehow has figured out how to bring up and facetime her bumpa daily.

17. Hates long car rides. Hates them. Banshee/tazmanizan devil screeching. We affectionately call her "Taz" "Razz-ma-tazz" or "Taz-a-razz" when she's throwing fits now. And yeah. throw yourself on the floor tantrums have already commenced.

18. Loves her snuggles.

She brings all of us so much laughter and joy and we love her to the moon and back. I wanna bottle up this age so bad.

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