How to Make Sushi (in cupcake form!)

Thursday, April 16, 2015
I have a new love of sushi. Like brand new. And it's a big love. After being completely unwilling to try it for years, then trying it a handful of times and not getting the hype, somewhere between December and January, my body decided it needed sushi in its life and now I can't get enough of it.

This was great news for my hubs because he's loved sushi for a while now and would usually only get it on work trips. So when tasked with the ever challenging question of "what cake should I make", the sushi cupcakes were born.

I basically had the idea laid out in my head, but obviously, used pinterest to see if there were any tricks.

Thankfully, this was a super easy and not really time consuming at all cake.

I probably should have thought about this post prior to making the cake so I could have documented it with actual photos along the way, but oh well.

Step one:: Make a cake board. I covered a cutting board in fondant, used a toothpick to make grooves and then used vodka and brown food coloring to layer on the "stain" look. Probably took about 4 coats or so to get it to look realistic.

Step two:: Make coordinating pieces:: a fondant leaf to rest sushi on, a pile of ginger, a dollup of wasbi, and a little dish with soy sauce. Let sit for a few days to harden.

Step three: Make cake. Note to self. Try to convince hubs my typical chocolate cake is good. I should not veer off from my standard recipe. This recommended pound cake left a lot to be desired.

Step four:: Cut out medium size circles to make larger wrapped sushi cupcakes (two layers, with frosting in the middle). Cut out small size circles to roll in coconut and place on fondant leaf.

Step five:: Color fondant to look like nori. Have gloves on hand. I did not. Black and dark green don't fade too fast.

Step six:: Wrap cupcakes in fondant, place candies to look like fish, sprinkle with coconut flakes (I wanted sprinkles but couldn't find them), place on board, and done!

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