Get in the frame! A Little Tikes Kitchen Giveaway and a message to all my mama friends.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
With Mother's Day approaching this weekend, Little Tikes asked me to review one of their kitchen toys in honor of this special day. It took me a while to figure out how I could seamlessly relate this toy to Mother's Day, and then it hit me.

Grab the tripod.


That's it.

No fancy or uber creative ideas. Just a clean kitchen and a new toy, and I jumped in a few frames with the help of my tripod. Messy bun, ripped jeans, slight OOF and all.

So mamas? Get in the frame. Not just on Sunday. Any ordinary day. Any special day. E-V-E-R-Y day. We spend so much time behind our lens trying to help us remember all of life's precious moments, that if YOU don't jump in the frame, what will your children have to look back on? This, my friends, is why I'm constantly taking selfies with the kids. If you've previously thought this has anything to do with my vanity, you are quite mistaken. I just want to remember that I was here during these times too. And have something for my kids to look back on too.

Little Tikes sent this kitchen a little while back and it's been a favorite among everybody ever since. This is the Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen (with attached grill), which they sadly, no longer offer!! You may find it on random sites, but it is no longer offered through Little Tikes.

That being said, it's a great kitchen. It came with all kinds of accessories, including a coffee carafe with two mugs, a place setting for two (plate, fork, knife, spoon, cup), two breakaway pizzas, two pizza pans, giant wooden spatula, hamburger, hot dog, tongs, pizza cutter, spatula, phone and two baskets. Ask me how long it took to round up all those pieces for the pictures!!

My favorite part about this little kitchen is that the pizza oven actually lights up. So, so cute. The kids also loved the little window :) I seriously love all of Little Tikes products. They hold up so well, even with a toddler who has a new found skill of chucking toys across the room. I'm sure this kitchen, which is very similar, would be well loved by your child!

Anyway, since Little Tikes no longer offers this particular kitchen, check out this link for the Gourmet Prep 'n Serve Kitchen. Want a chance to win THAT kitchen?!

Please see below for all kinds of different entry options. Some options get you more entries than others, and only two are mandatory (commenting here how YOU will get in the frame and visiting my facebook business page and giving it a like!). Bonus points for sharing the link on facebook and twitter!

Again, this giveaway is NOT for the Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen pictured here but for the Gourmet Prep 'n Serve Kitchen. You've been notified :) Now go try and win it!

And get in the frame this weekend. feel free to tag me on IG at @jennasef26 and use the hashtag #getintheframewithsnapberryphotographs :) to prove that you did!


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Catherine Stone said...

I can't wait to spend quiet time with my family this mother's day!

Jen P said...

I'm looking forward to dinner out my best girl & family - hopefully a lot of relaxation!

Laurie P said...

Big family dinner with my parents, good times!

Fantastic photos you've shown!

Laura Brewer said...

I am making a special keepsake frame from an art kit. I am putting my grandsons hand and footprints in it as a gift for my daughter.

Desirae Guzman said...

Is this where I leave a comment in order to enter the contest? Hopefully. I will get in the frame this Mother's Day by literally getting in the frame! I always take pictures of my son, or my son with his daddy... but we rarely take selfies.. I'm taking selfies on Sunday!! The hubs can take a few pics too, I shouldn't do too much work on my day :)

Tiffany said...

I'm going to start taking more selfies with my daughter this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I really need to take more pictures in general, and maybe step in a few :)

Jennifer Hedden said...

I need to start getting in the frame more. I will start taking more pics with them. Mother's Day will be the perfect opportunity to get in the frame and include myself in family photos.

penni said...

I'll be getting in the frame by having my picture taken by many other family members at our annual Mother's Day backyard barbecue and pool party!

Angela Warren said...

I am getting into the frame by taking more pics with my son and the hubby.

Anonymous said...

thankyou so much for a great giveaway and god bless...Renee Duffield

Janelle Klosterman said...

Share camera duties with my husband so I actually get in some ahots?!

Janelle Klosterman said...

Share camera duties with my husband so I actually get in some ahots?!

Samantha Penland said...

My husband takes all the pics!

Samantha Penland said...

This is an awesome little kitchen!

Brenda Haines said...

I'm hoping to find a selfie stick, it's not easy for me to take selfies with my 2 year old.. My arms aren't that long lol

MaryAnn said...

I will get in the frame this mother's day by helping my kids make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. They love to help me cook.

marcia goss said...

My daughter and grandkids will be over soon. I'll be sure to have my hubby take the pictures so I'll "be in the frame"

Teresa Organ said...

I'm spending time with my family!! I need to start taking more pictures with my family so we will have lots of memories together.

Jessica said...

My husband actually got me a tripod for Mother's Day, so it will be a whole lot easier to get in the frame now :)

Kimberly said...

As a Mother's Day gift to myself, I am scheduling family photos. My son is a year old and we still don't have good photos of our family of four together.

Heather Sebastian said...

I'm going to spend the day at the spa :)

Becca Wilson said...

I definitely need to make it a priority and take more selfies with my babies!!!

Casey said...

I treated myself to Mommy & Me photos as my Mother's Day gift this year and I AM SO HAPPY I DID IT! As a photographer, I am never in the frame and I cherish my updated photos!

Mary Larsen said...

I had a lovely day getting ready for our new baby!

Dawn Monroe said...

I hate being in the frame! I have been having my husband take pictures more often so Im in a couple at least.

Tonya Bangart said...

I'm awful about getting in the frame, but a recent conversation with a friend reminded me that I rarely let my picture be taken. So on Mother's Day we took selfies and I let my mom snap pictures of me with my husband and son. It's kind of sad how few pictures I have of all three of us!

Laura Gerson said...

Should be easier to get in the frame now that I have a new DSLR, tripod, and shutter remote!

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