Nursery Farewell....soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
I have to give it up to one of my Minnesota photographer friends (Kristen Fiereck) for this sweet idea because it wasn't mine, but I love it.

With the creation of the bunk beds, Henry and Claire are officially sharing a room, and this room of Norah's is going to become the new toy room. (Because this mama is just done with carting toys in and out of the current toy room/studio when I have newborn sessions). Thus, Norah will be moving on to a big girl bed in the "purple room". Her new elephant bedding comes today, but we shall see how long it takes me to actually pull the trigger on the transition.

Eventually, the girls will share a room and the bunk beds when Norah is old enough to be trusted in a room with a bunk bed :)

She's the last, so I'm a little sentimental about it. Both because she's the last and it means the final end of the crib (maybe we will repurpose??), but she's also been in the crib longer than the other kids. Henry transitioned 1 month before 2, maybe? to prep for Claire's arrival, and while we didn't intend to transition Claire until about 20 months, she took to the bed no problem at 18 months. In the end, it'll save me time and stress, so it has to be done. Plus it means no one is sleeping next door to the pool table anymore, so perhaps we will actually play it?!

Enjoy my sweet babe.

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