Everything is Awesome! Henry turns six!

Friday, August 28, 2015
I promised myself I wouldn't get so far behind that Henry would be close to 7 before turning these pictures up on the ol' interweb. Thankfully, I had a free moment yesterday and whipped these up.

Henry is six. My first born is creeping up on age and I can't stop it. And it means I'm getting old too. His toddler waddling, squishy baby face days become a more distant memory every day. He reads (duh), still has the memory of an elephant, ties his own shoes, has lost his two bottom teeth, and is basically swimming. I also learned he knows what it means to be a "cool boy" yesterday, is skeptical of giving us girls kisses in front of the bus in the morning, and is already becoming "embarrassed" at the talk of girls.

Thankfully, he's still a mama's boy at heart. And sensitive. Boy, is he our sensitive and sentimental kid. No idea where he gets that from! :)  He might be getting a little sassy these days, and some days, admittedly, are REALLY trying in terms of his listening skills, but at the end of the day? All he wants is his mama snuggles. So I'll soak it up for as long as I've got it.  

Onto the party. The kid is also really indecisive. Sometimes, every day decisions are really hard for him to make. Like the decision to have a shark party or a Lego party. So if y'all are aware of his love for sharks, that's coming next year. He already has it mapped out. I may have been jumping up and down inside when he did finally settle on Legos since the basic theme  would be super easy to design.

As always, I created everything with the exception of the cake. The banners, tags, favor bags, invitations, lego candy, cupcakes, signs, etc. I have the Silhouette Cameo and that pretty much cranks out these parties of mine. And photoshop. That too.

The fabulous cake was made by Tasty Cakes (or see here: https://www.facebook.com/tastycakesTX ). It was exactly as I had envisioned and I just added on the Lego candy pieces (which, let me tell you, were a total PITA to get right. Not as easy as melting some candy, that's for sure).

The bulk of the party fun was run by Bricks 4 Kidz. For what I thought was a super reasonable fee, they came for an hour and a half or so and helped the kids build two separate kits. One was a zip line and the other was a motor for the color spin thing you'll see below. She also busted out a HUGE bag of Legos that the kids just got to free play with at the start. It was great and all the kids loved it. I heard more than once "This is the BEST party ever!". #momwin

We had Henry's favorite Jet's Pizza, blew out our candles and opened up some fabulous presents. Two of my favorite moments were when Henry sat at the fireplace and told his friends jokes from his new joke book and while we sang Happy Birthday, he sang it too, to himself, being all silly and making crazy faces that Uncle Adam captured on camera. Henry hams it up lately and I'm so proud of the progress he's made being social. 3 or even 2 years ago, the kid wouldn't have even talked to other kids.

Onto the photos!

frisco_birthday_photographer_1817 frisco_birthday_photographer_1809 frisco_birthday_photographer_1810 frisco_birthday_photographer_1811 frisco_birthday_photographer_1812 frisco_birthday_photographer_1813 frisco_birthday_photographer_1814 frisco_birthday_photographer_1815 frisco_birthday_photographer_1816 frisco_birthday_photographer_1818 frisco_birthday_photographer_1819 frisco_birthday_photographer_1820 frisco_birthday_photographer_1821 frisco_birthday_photographer_1822 frisco_birthday_photographer_1823 frisco_birthday_photographer_1824 frisco_birthday_photographer_1825 frisco_birthday_photographer_1826 frisco_birthday_photographer_1827 frisco_birthday_photographer_1828 frisco_birthday_photographer_1829 frisco_birthday_photographer_1830 frisco_birthday_photographer_1831 frisco_birthday_photographer_1832 frisco_birthday_photographer_1833 frisco_birthday_photographer_1834 frisco_birthday_photographer_1835 frisco_birthday_photographer_1836 frisco_birthday_photographer_1837 frisco_birthday_photographer_1838 frisco_birthday_photographer_1839 frisco_birthday_photographer_1840 frisco_birthday_photographer_1841 frisco_birthday_photographer_1842 frisco_birthday_photographer_1843 frisco_birthday_photographer_1844 frisco_birthday_photographer_1845
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