The second time around isn't any easier. Claire Bear goes to pre-k.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
4 years. This one has been lucky enough to hang out with me for the entirety of her almost 4 years.

Henry going to preschool was hard. He cried bloody murder for a bit and it hurt this mama's heart. I have a feeling this one will cry too, but she tends to save that for the second or third time around, so tomorrow might be ok (for her).

Henry's a summer birthday and he went to preschool immediately after turning 3. And he spent his first two years in daycare while I worked. So this time it's a little different.

Claire has known nothing but being at home with me. And for 4 years. But since she's now that "older" October birthday, it's definitely time for her to go. It's time for her to grow her social skills with kids her age, make friends, and have a routine away from mama. Even though it seems like yesterday we moved down here and she was barely over 1 year old. Time, please slow down. We all keep saying that, but it never seems to work. Moments keep passing us by too quick regardless. 

Preschools are so different down here. I never knew of an "all day" preschool in Minnesota (maybe they have them, but I don't know) but that's pretty much all it is around here. So for those not local, it's a big deal. She'll be gone from 9am-2pm for 3 days a week. That's a huge jump from nothing.

I've thought I've been ready for a while, but of course, I lost it taking these pictures, culling/editing these pictures, hanging out in her new classroom today, and reading her the book pictured below (genius purchase, Jenna. Genius. What did you think would happen!!?) So maybe I'm not ready to let my first baby girl go.

We spent our day doing the stuff she loves: sidewalk chalk, playdough, board games, a quick Target run and of course, "chocolate" (Nutella) sandwiches for lunch.

I can't wait to watch you grow this year, baby girl. I hope you'll be a good friend, lead with good examples, show off that big personality in the best ways possible, and listen well to those sweet teachers.

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