Claire's 2nd Dance Recital

Monday, June 20, 2016
I'm sure last year's recital photos never saw the light of day on the blog, so yay for me getting this up just a few days later! If you remember last year (see below), she was a pretty cute Minion since they danced to the "Minion Mambo". However, it wasn't exactly what I had pictured for her first year of dance. I so badly wanted the frilly, stereotypical tutu number, so I may have been a little obsessed with taking photos this year because that's exactly what we got.

That, plus the fact that we weren't in town for her dress rehearsal last year, so we have some crappy cell video and that's it of her actual dancing. I was going to make up for it this year.

     frisco_family_photographer_0526 frisco_family_photographer_0527
So in love with these gorgeous, genuine smiles. All I had to do was moo like a cow.
  frisco_family_photographer_0528frisco_family_photographer_0529 frisco_family_photographer_0530 frisco_family_photographer_0531
The song was "Only a Breath Away" which is some song from a Barbie movie/cartoon. I cried like every time I heard it. Such a sweet song! And this little lady shined, let me tell you. After not doing much of any moves at last year's recital, she rocked rehearsal and the recital. Every move with a big giant smile on her face. We were so proud.
  frisco_family_photographer_0532frisco_family_photographer_0533 frisco_family_photographer_0534 frisco_family_photographer_0535 frisco_family_photographer_0536 frisco_family_photographer_0537 frisco_family_photographer_0538 frisco_family_photographer_0539
After dress rehearsal, I went out with my friend Libby so we could get some outdoor shots. And they are the cutest little friends, ever!
  frisco_family_photographer_0540frisco_family_photographer_0541 frisco_family_photographer_0542 frisco_family_photographer_0543 frisco_family_photographer_0544 frisco_family_photographer_0545 frisco_family_photographer_0546 frisco_family_photographer_0546 frisco_family_photographer_0547 frisco_family_photographer_0548 frisco_family_photographer_0549 frisco_family_photographer_0550 frisco_family_photographer_0551 frisco_family_photographer_0552 frisco_family_photographer_0553 frisco_family_photographer_0554 frisco_family_photographer_0555 frisco_family_photographer_0556 frisco_family_photographer_0557 frisco_family_photographer_0558 frisco_family_photographer_0559 frisco_family_photographer_0560 frisco_family_photographer_0561 frisco_family_photographer_0562
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