About Jenna

Hi! Thanks for stumbling upon my little blog. You'll find a lot about my 3 kiddos here, but you'll also find stuff on our fitness journey and healthy recipes. I'm also a little obsessive when it comes to party planning and DIY, so you'll find inspiration on that too.  Especially cakes. I LOVE making birthday cakes. 

So a little more about me: 

I'm 29. My handsome husband's name is Ryan. I met Ryan when I was 16. We started dating in November of 2001. That puts us together for a crazy 13 years. I fell in love with him while on a marching band trip to Disney World. Mickey Mouse and the "magic" of Disney will forever hold a special place in my heart, no matter how cheesy that may seem. 

We've been blessed with three children, Henry (4.5), Claire (2.5 years), and Norah (9 months). The two furry friends running around our house are Mocha (5.5) and Hershey (4.5). I started out as an early childhood special education teacher straight out of grad school. Upon the birth of our second child, Claire, I did not return to work and instead began focusing on being at home with the then two kids and building my photography business that started in 2009.

I obviously love photography and you'll rarely see posts without photos, I just wish I had more time to post! 

Questions about anything, feel free to email me at jenna.sefkow@gmail.com

*photo credits to www.rachelmeaganphotography.com

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